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At Celebration 5, George Lucas, Mark Hamill, and the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart presented this lost ROTJ gem from the upcoming Star Wars Saga blu-ray box set.  There’s a lot of unnecessary chatter about it being completely doctored, but a lot of the various pieces have been known for sometime on places such as T-Bone’s Star Wars web page.  Does it not feel good to hear James Earl Jones speak as vader again?

We dig the scene, but understand that ROTJ works better without it: could it had have been anymore triumphant when R2 shoots out the lightsaber, Luke does the flip, catches the saber, ignites that brilliant green blade, and rescues his friends?  It does fit well into the possibility that exists in Return of the Jedi that Luke’s moral allegiance is a little murky.  He makes his entrance into Jabba’s place by choking guards and then tries to take a cheap shot at Jabba, hardly what Obi-Wan would have done.

We here at Ice cave of the Wampa have been discussing a few other bits of deleted magic that we’d like to see.  Notably, the sandstorm scene of Rerturn of the Jedi and the anchorhead scenes from A New Hope.  We hope that Lucasfilm completes the effects and whatnot so that we can fully enjoy these gems as though they hadn’t been deleted to begin with.

Also, pardon our absence: one of us started some new non-web ventures that have required much of spare time, but have not diminished our Star Wars love.  Another one of us got married.  Such is life.


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